Monday, June 1, 2009

Custom Kits now available!

Have you ever wished you could create a kit in a specific color palette? Do you have a photo but cannot find a kit to match it? The solution is here! I'll create a kit for you based on a photo or colors of your choice.

Each kit comes standard with a tag, stitch, flair and brads. Plus you get to choose:

2 ribbons (5 to choose from)
3 elements (7 to choose from)
1 border (4 to choose from)
1 frame set (2 to choose from)
3 patterned papers (7 to choose from)
style of solid paper (you will get 3-4 solids based on the number of colors in your kit)

Remember all of these items will be created in colors to match your photo!!

Please visit my store at FaithSisters to check it out!!

Here is a sample of a custom kit I did. The customer wanted a kit to match a birthday theme. The colors were green, purple and black. We also added blue and white:

If you are in need of a kit in a specific theme or color please stop by! The flair and tags allow you to incorporate your theme into the kit. Time permitting, I am willing to swap out one pre-determined embellishment to match your theme. Drop me an email if you are interested.


Kimmy said...

Love my kit to pieces!

Alli said...

That custom kit you made for the b-day looks AWESOME! What a great idea!

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