Friday, August 20, 2010

Alana needs some feedback......

Alana is planning on starting her own business. She has two parts to this business, one she wants to give to charity (see below) and she also wants to start saving some money for the future. I am in the process of teaching her all the ins/outs of starting a business. One is seeing what your customers want or if there is a market for her business.

She is starting a do-it-yourself Plush Party business. Instead of going to Build-a-Bear she will offer cheaper prices (but quality plush animals) for parties or individual purchase. All her animals would be the same price and she would start with a variety of 6 (bear, crocodile, dog, lamb, elephant, cow). Her variety will grow as her business grows. Kids get to stuff their own bears and they come with a shirt. Also, if you wanted to add another element to your party you could purchase a pack of fabric markers for the kids to design their own shirt. Bears are easy to close up (zip tie close, then velcro shut - no sewing) Basically she will put together packs which would include the following:

  • 16" plush skin (unstuffed animal)
  • stuffing
  • mini stuffed heart to put in animal
  • t-shirt for animal
  • instructions
Kids would stuff animals themselves and they are easy to close up in the back (zip tie and then velcro closing). She knows her costs, now she needs to figure out if people are willing to pay enough so she can make a bit of profit. :)

She is wondering the following (please be honest, she needs honest feedback). You can email your answers to

What would you be willing/like to pay for a package like this (in order for you to have a party like this the packs would need to cost....)?
I wouldn't do this for a party but I would purchase an individual pack at this cost _____.
Would you prefer a smaller 8" animal? If so what would be a reasonable price?
Would you like the option to add pants or a skirt for the bears for $3.50?
Would you like the option to add an outfit for the bears for $8.50?
Would you like a fabric marker included in a party pack so kids could decorate their bear t-shirts?
Considering the package price you put in above, would you do this for your child's party? Would you ever purchase individual bears?
Would you ever consider purchasing a bear for charity?

Part of her reason for doing this is that she also wants to donate some plush packages to charity (possibly inner city kids who would not regularly have the chance to do this). Some of her profits would go towards this, she would also have an adopt-a-bear program where people could purchase a bear (but not build it - the child it is going to would build it) for the charity, but the person who purchases the bear for charity could pick which bear they want to give.

Hope this all makes sense. She appreciates your feedback, it will help her decide how to move forward.

Here is what they would look like:

These are the ones she would start with and build as she goes.


tanden said...

Computer is finally working and I checked out your blog...WAY TO GO Alana! Do you want the feedback here or do you want me to email you? Let me know and I will let you know what I think.


tanden said...

oops...Okay, I just read the blog again...I will email you.


Barb said...

Yeah, you can reply on facebook via pm or email me at

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