Friday, April 6, 2012

Template Clearance at My Memories Suite

Hi, time for spring cleaning in my store at My Memories Suite. I have way too many templates in my store and have decided it's time to trim down. So, all clearance templates are $1.00 until the end of the month! I have over 20 templates on sale. Check them out here (scroll through pages) or you can link up to each individual template by clicking on the list below.

8x11.5 Size:
8x11 Cheerful Template
8x11 Christmas 2
8x11 Hangin' Out (great for boys)
8x11 Moving Day
8x11 Time For Chores
8x11 Winter Fun 1
8x11 Winter Fun 2

12x12 Size:
Birthday Boy Bash (which is actually the girl kit)
Birthday Girl Bash (which is actually the boy kit)
Blue Bell
Bright & Fun
Crazy Love
Energize One
Energize Two
Faith Base 2
Get in Shape
Girly Girl 1
Hangin' Out
I Love to Read
Mellow in Yellow
Pretty Pink Ballerina
Queen of Teen
Ready to Perform
Sunday Afternoon
Time For Chores
Winter Fun 1
Winter Fun 2

Baby Boy Brag Book
Baby Girl Brag Book


Arlene said...

Oh my goodness! I was just at your store last night and bought 'Page Builder Charity 1', 'Family & Friends', 'Love Pack', and 'Time for Chores'. I was looking at all your templates but didn't get any. Now that they're on for $1.00 I will definately be snagging some of these. Thanks Barb.

Arlene said...

PS: My 'must-have templates' are Get in Shape, Sunday Afternoon, Energize One, Energize Two, Faith Base 2, Girly Girl, and Hangin' Out. But I put a few others in My Wish List and will re-visit the list before the end of the month.

Albums to Remember by Barb said...

Glad you are able to take advantage of the sale Arlene! Have fun shopping.

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