Friday, November 4, 2011

DSD 1,2,3 Sale

This weekend is full of  Digital Scrapbook Day celebrations. My Memories Suite and Memory Mixer just finished having sales so I won't be putting my entire store on sale. To do that I have to go through each item individually to set the sale price and it takes a very long time. So, instead I have choosen a few items to put on sale and I am calling it my 1,2,3 Sale. Please note that only my My Memories Suite store has the sale, I have no control over Memory Mixer sales.

For $1 you can grab:

Doodley Word Art (reg.1.99)
I Love To Read ( reg. 3.99 - matches This N' That kit)
Celebrate Easter (reg. 3.99)
Tap Dance (matches my Ready to Perform Kit)

For $2 you can grab:

Cowboys & Cowgirls (reg. 5.99)
Girly Girl (reg. 4.99)
I'm Sick Template Pack (reg. 5.99)
I'm Sick Kit (reg 3.99)

For $3 you can grab:

Love My Pet (reg. 5.99)
Winter Fun (reg. 6.99)
All Boy Template Pack (reg 4.99)

Also on sale are my Cruise Kit and Calendar Templates. Hope you all have a great DSD weekend.


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