Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Tiny Glitch in Page Builders Fixed


Over the weekend a customer contacted me because for some reason she was trying to use outside content in her Page Builder but it wasn't working properly. If you are wondering how to use outside content on your Page Builder stayed tuned, I will be adding a tutorial later this week. Anyway, back on topic. I played around a bit and realized a small glitch in the building process that made this method not work. It was an easy fix, just something that we weren't aware of when creating the Page Builders. I fixed them over the weekend. The Page Builders that were having issues were 11, 12, 13. If you own those and were having trouble please replace them by re-downloading and installing them. None of the other Page Builders except 20 had issues.

If you own Page Builder 20 and you are trying to install outside content change the size of the diagonal box to 12", add your papers and then put the size back to cover the entire page.

I have had a lot of feedback on the Page Builders and it sounds like you are all enjoying them. I am so glad. If you have a particular style you would like to see more of please send me an email at albumstoremember at gmail dot com.

Happy Building!!


Lorie said...

It was an easy fix! :)

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